Alishan Forest Recreation Area

There are many reasons why your next trip should take you to Taiwan. There is no shortage of great places to see and wonderful experiences to be had. One of Taiwan’s tourist attraction is Alishan Forest Recreation Area.

The View

If you are looking for a place with plenty of natural beauty, vegetation, breathtaking views, and a dreamy weather, then look no further than Alishan Forest Recreation Area. Spread over 1400 hectares and at a height of 2200 meters from sea level, there’s plenty to look forward to here. From a sea of clouds to mesmerizing views of the sunrise and sunset, it is no wonder that this place is one of the most scenic among all of Taiwan’s tourist attractions. This destination also provides a vantage view of the sacred mountain of the Tsou’s, Ta Mountain.

The Weather

As far as the weather is concerned, you can expect rain and fog more often than not. Moreover, due to the height, high precipitation, and the dense vegetation the temperature is usually on the cooler side with a mean temperature of 10.6 degree Celsius annually.


Alishan Forest Recreation Area is the place with the largest train station in the country which is constructed completely from wood. Since it was established in in 2007, it has been a popular tourist attraction.

Bird Watching

The four-kilometer-long winding path in the Alishan Forest Recreation Area, is the perfect place for bird watchers, thanks to the dense vegetation that stretches for miles on either side of the trail.


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