Taiwan Sun Moon Lake Tourist Attractions

Located in the foothills of picturesque Central Mountain Range of Taiwan is Sun Moon Lake, one of the most popular Taiwan tourist attractions. Its popularity lies in the scenic view, turquoise water and picture-perfect bicycle and foot trails, set against a backdrop of the mountains.

Compiled below are three of the best ways that you can get around the breathtaking Sun Moon Lake, while not missing a sight. In order to get the most out of your visit, be sure to arrive early as there is plenty to see and the place can get quite crowded, especially on the weekends.

The Ropeway

For an aerial view of the Sun Moon Lake, get a ticket for the ropeway. It stretches from the Sun Moon Lake Station to the Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village. A one-way trip takes approximately 7 minutes.

The Shuttle Boat

This is the easiest way to explore the serene waters. There are three different piers, namely Ita Thao, Shuishe, and Syunaguang, and you can get on and off at any one of them. Taking the boat tour will let you visit the Lalu Island, which is located in the middle of the lake, and Ita Thao old village where you can buy souvenirs or go for one of the several dining options ranging from restaurants to road side vendors.

The Bike Trails

There are several bike trails snaking around the lake. These can go on for kilometers, and it can take a good part of the day for you to get from start to finish. To make the experience fun, pick a path that you think you can complete easily without overexerting yourself. Also, be sure to keep your camera at hand as there will be many opportunities of taking the perfect picture.

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