The Wonders of JiufenOld Street

Thinking about going to Taiwan this year? Or are you listing down the places to visit in Taiwan? If that’s the case begin your list with the “Jiufen Old Street”, a place full of delights.

Hillside Teahouses in Jiufen

It’s a place very different from the modern city of Taipei.Amust-seesite to visit with lots of wonders awaiting your visit. Jiufen Old Street is stone paved alley from one side and descend from the other, where there are restaurants and shops along the narrow pavements. Located in norther Taiwan, the street is full of delicious snacks and has shops vending the most renowned country snacks of Jiufen including rice cakes, Hongzao (Oxo Cubes) and meatballs etc. Among all these, one of the local’s favorite includes taro balls in a sweet red bean soup.Moreover, the love for Chinese tea at the City of Sadness Restaurant attracts people from all around the world.

Want to see how the street looks like before making your visit? The Japanese animated film Spirited Away will show you the amazing unique architecture of Jiufen’s downtown area. Apart from food, Jiufen attracts tourist towards its beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean including ocean view of Keelung outer sea, the Gold Museum and the neighboringJinguashi (a place notable for its historic gold and copper mines). The Jiufen has a long fascinating history of gold mining. Furthermore,hiking on the mountain Keelung combines the magnificent view of ocean and sky.

Jiufen Old Street is also known as “Dark Alley” this is because the place experience frequent rainfallthus everystore on the street built a rain canopy outside it, giving it a look of faint alley.

The Beautiful Jiufen Old Street

Are you a food lover? Or an adventurous person?
Including many treats and souvenirs to be enjoyed, Jiufen is absolutely worth a visit for you!


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