What is fun in New Taipei City, Taiwan, share the experience of the one-night stand

Counting the time from the time of the last night stand, it seems that I haven’t made an appointment for a while. Recently, I am very tired from my busy work. I want to find a New Taipei City attraction to walk through and breathe. !! This is not a travel introduction article. For those under 18 years of age or who do not like adult topics, please turn off the webpage when you see this !!

Okay, no more nonsense, let’s enter the topic formally

I also made a Dinosaur girl through adultfriendfinder about Cannon. Let me talk first! I did n’t discriminate against each other. In fact, I probably knew the girl ’s figure before the appointment, because the photos uploaded by her personal file told everything, then During the chat, she also stated that if you do n’t want to give up on further chat, really, adultfriendfinder ’s girls are really all kind of young girls, so why do n’t you just think about eating high-end all day long? Good, what a devilish figure or angelic face, I dare not say no, but I really have to take luck

This girl chatted with her in the adultfriendfinder chat room for a while, and then asked her where is the fun in New Taipei City. She also said that she would take me to take a day trip, so we will meet up

When we went to the appointment that day, we met at the (Heart of the Three Orioles Space Art Special Zone). Seriously, I drove from the middle to the north for more than 2 hours. I was really tired. And I will not take public transportation

Then I saw her after I went to the reservation place. Why would I know her at a glance? Actually, I guessed. The girl with her flesh was just to make sure she was afraid to recognize the wrong person. LINE to her, she really is right

Since you’re here, take a photo as a memorial ~ We went to (Heart Space Special Art Zone), and (Three Gorges Old Street) as above

Along the way, she seemed to be a tour guide who has been explaining, in fact, I was thinking about a one-night stand? Ha ~ I still couldn’t help speaking, can I attack the gun today? This is our secret word, and later she said something urgent Let’s go afterwards !! If you want to attack, just attack, dig mile ~ You should think about it yourself, just wait for me to speak, right now, a little speechless

I finally went to open the room. Although the other party was a little fleshy, but had big breasts with E-cups, I have to say that E-cups are big and soft to touch. In fact, I know that most boys only need to see meaty girls I do n’t really want a one-night stand, but you are only one-night stand today, not married, so you do n’t have to care too much about your body shape.

Although the opponent’s body is not very good, but the sound is pretty good. The moaning sound is very sighing. During the fierce battle, the sweat flows like rain, and the end of the round is completed.

Ha ~ I ’m just going to understate the one-night stand, anyway, it ’s very tiring, so tired

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